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Stop unfair monthly service fee hikes by LG&E and KU

Benham Power Project -- March 2014

Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities are proposing unfair new rates that will hurt customers, especially low-income people, and damage our health and air quality.

LG&E and KU want to double their flat monthly service charge, the fee that people pay no matter how much energy they use. The base rate for KU’s electric service would climb from $10.75 to $22 per month. The monthly fee for LG&E’s electric service would also jump from $10.75 to $22, and the charge for natural gas service would climb from $13.50 to $24. That means most of LG&E’s residential customers will owe a minimum of $46 a month – even if they use no gas or electricity whatsoever!

These proposals will hurt many customers, especially low- and fixed-income people, apartment dwellers and people who attempt to conserve energy. They will limit our ability to save money by reducing our energy use. And they will discourage many people from installing rooftop solar or energy efficient systems, steps which are needed to lower harmful pollution and protect our health and climate. In short, these rates are the wrong direction for our community.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission can approve, change or reject LG&E and KU’s proposed new rates. It’s important for LG&E and KU customers to make our voices heard!

The most effective public comments are hand-written and personal. Messages can also be submitted by using the links below. All comments should be submitted before mid-April 2017.

Send your comments to: Kentucky Public Service Commission, Public Information Officer, P.O. Box 615, Frankfort, Ky. 40602 or email to Public Information Officer,

You must include the rate case # in the subject line of your email, or early in your letter if you mail in your comments, along with your full name and address.