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Keep Kynect working for Kentucky

“Governor Bevin said he wants to build something here that is a national model. We already have. It’s called Kynect. Let’s keep it.”

Dana Beasley Brown, KFTC Chair, at the 2016 We Are Kentuckians Rally

On Monday, Governor Bevin’s office released a statement stating that the governor had filed paperwork with the federal government announcing his intentions to dismantle Kynect.

Kynect was built by Kentuckians for Kentucky, and it works well. Dismantling Kynect would create more barriers to healthcare coverage, roll back the important progress Kentucky has made, and cost at least 600 jobs and around $23 million.

The good news is that the governor hasn’t done anything that can’t be undone. It’s possible for Governor Bevin to rescind his notification. It might also be possible for the legislature to intercede (we’ll keep you posted on that possibility). In the meantime, folks can still sign up through Kynect. Everything is still in place for at least the next year; nothing has been dismantled yet.  

Take Action!

Call the Governor’s office and let Governor Bevin know that you support keeping Kynect. The Governor’s office number is (502) 564-2611, and his email form is here.

Sample message: “Like the majority of Kentuckians, I support our state exchange. I urge you to reconsider, and keep Kynect working for Kentucky.”

(If you email, feel free to include any of the points in the infographic below from Kentucky Voices for Health, or KCEP’s “Eight Reasons Kentucky Shouldn’t Diskynect,” as well as your own story of health coverage through Kynect.)

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