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IMPORTANT: NO votes needed Friday on veto overrides

Action Needed

Please contact your legislator as soon as possible in any and all ways that you can. There are several ways to contact legislators:  

1)  Legislative Message Line: 800-372-7181. Leave a message for your representative and senator, and “for all Democrats.” The message line is open until 9 p.m. EDT tonight and opens at 7 a.m. Friday morning.

2)  Call their offices directly at 502-564-8100. 

3)  Email them

MESSAGE:Vote NO to override the vetoes on HB 366 and HB 200. The governor's vetoes are the legislature's opportunity to do the right thing. Scrap the budget, scrap the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and start over with the aim of investing in Kentucky's future.”

Legislators reconvene at 10 a.m. Friday, so please call as soon as you can.

This is important!

Can you raise your voice one more time during this General Assembly? Contact your legislators now and ask them to vote NO on the motions to override the vetoes of the budget bill and tax bill. Here’s why:

KFTC members work everyday for a vision that includes strong public schools, new jobs and clean energy, health care for all of us, a justice system that is just, and opportunities for young people. To reach that vision we need a tax system that is fair and moves Kentucky forward.

The Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation that is just the opposite of that vision. Besides a bad pension bill, they passed a budget (House Bill 200) that makes significant cuts to education (including zero funding for textbooks and other necessary school programs) and cuts to most other services across the board.

With House Bill 366, legislators raised taxes on 95% of Kentuckians while giving significant tax breaks to the very wealthy and corporations – without raising new revenue.

Kentucky deserves better. Kentuckians can do better.

Most progressive and education groups were vocal in their opposition to these bills. Not one Democrat voted for these bills.

Governor Bevin vetoed both bills, apparently because they are not harmful enough. He wants a budget with less investment in our future, and tax shifts with more breaks for the wealthy.<

These were awful bills when legislators approved them, and proved to be even worse when legislators finally got the chance to read them. Nothing has changed that.

Kentucky deserves better. Kentuckians can do better.

Legislators, particularly Democrats, are getting bombarded with calls to override the governor’s vetoes. They should not. They should hold the line against these awful bills, and work for a budget and tax reform that are consistent with democratic values and good for Kentuckians.<

Will you let legislators know that we have their backs if they stand up for what is right?