Big day Monday as we stand in solidarity with public workers | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Big day Monday as we stand in solidarity with public workers

KFTC works for an open, healthy democracy and a high quality of life for all people. Lawmakers in Frankfort are undermining these principles. Governor Matt Bevin and GOP leaders are dismantling public education, devaluing public work and workers, and undermining the intention of working together for the common good.

Monday will be a day of action, and we encourage everyone to show up. Public workers are rallying. We'll also be in Frankfort to respond to the budget that Republican leadership will release, possibly with regressive changes to our tax structure. And the anti-solar and the youth incarceration bills are likely to come up – all of which will bring great harm to our Commonwealth.

Take Action

  • Come to Frankfort on Monday morning to participate in actions at the Capitol. United We Stand, a collective of public workers, is planning a Hold The Line Rally. Teachers also are planning events. Plans are unfolding, and you can follow the United We Stand event for updates.
  • Over the weekend, be in constant communication with your legislator, and with the legislators on the Joint Conference Committee who are crafting the legislative budget and tax proposals. Their information is in the sidebar. Tell them, “Support a moral budget with new revenue from closing the loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations.”
  • We also encourage members to continue to pull together during this time. Thank you to all the Kentuckians – especially all the teachers, school staff and family resource staff – working to provide food and child care so that working people can engage in activities demanding accountability from elected officials.
  • Learn how your representatives and senators voted on bills affecting working people, and
    • thank those who voted with workers,
    • stand up to those who did not,
    • use this information to support or oppose candidates in the May primary and November general elections.
  • Contact a KFTC organizer to get involved with KFTC's Action for Democracy voter engagement work.


Thanks for taking action!

KFTC's Statement of
Solidarity with Workers

KFTC's Executive Committee also offers a statement urging Kentuckians to create an inclusive movement by not playing into harmful and divisive language.

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