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Take Action: Raise the Wage!

Kentuckians believe in fair pay for a day’s work. But with the erosion of the minimum wage, hard workers aren’t able to make ends meet.

Let your voice be heard for restoring voting rights in Kentucky

Mantell Stevens

“I am a Kentuckian. I have never seen the inside of a prison, but my right to vote has been taken away. I often wonder, how much is my community losing out because my voice and the voices of 240,000 others have been silenced in our democracy?”
– Mantell Stevens

Momentum is building for a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights in Kentucky, but your voice is needed now to move HB 70 forward in the state senate.

Please call the Legislative Message Line (1-800-372-7181). Ask to leave the following message for your state senator and Senate President Robert Stivers:

“Make this the year to pass HB 70 and restore voting rights! This bill has strong support and deserves a vote in the Senate. Please oppose attempts to make voting harder or the bill more restrictive.”

The Legislative Message Line is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and until 6 p.m. on Fridays.

Get involved in the 2014 General Assembly!

Learn how to plug into KFTC's work throughout the 2014 legislative session.

Tell the Corps and FERC to Protect Our Water

A growing number of Kentuckians continue to stand up for our water, land and health by standing against the proposed Williams & Boardwalk hazardous liquids Bluegrass Pipeline.

Take action on voting rights!

KFTC members know our democracy works best when everyone has a voice and a vote. Next Tuesday the campaign to restore voting rights to former felons in Kentucky who have paid their debt to society will take an important step forward.

Phone Bank with us!

Madison County KFTC member Steve Wilkins talks to a member at a 4.6.09 Madison Co. KFTC phone bankPhone banking is one of our key strategies to reach out to members and hit our fundraising goals,  but in order to make contact will our large membership base, we need volunteers from around the state who are willing to help us make calls.  Phone banking a great opportunity to get to know other members in your community.

We begin each of our phone banking sessions with a brief training for people who are haven't made calls with us before, so no experience is necessary. Snacks and drinks will be provided.  

Become a Power Builder

To grow a healthy democracy, we have to work together. Today Kentucky's democracy isn't what it needs to be. But the Kentucky we envision is possible. Become a KFTC POWER BUILDER and help us grow a healthy democracy!

Help carry the momentum on voting rights

Council Member Ford and KFTC members

Momentum is building in the campaign to restore voting rights to former felons who have served their sentence in Kentucky. And comments made this week by US Senator Rand Paul are the latest indication that proposed changes to the Kentucky Constitution could finally win approval in 2014.

For nearly 8 years, KFTC and our allies have organized, lobbied, door-knocked, rallied and prayed together in support of a constitutional amendment known as HB 70. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jessie Crenshaw, seeks to reform Kentucky’s outdated constitution, which has barred people with felony convictions from voting since 1792. Once adopted, the measure would restore civil rights to most non-violent offenders upon completion of their full sentence.


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