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A Budget for Kentucky’s Future Conference

Join the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy for its policy conference, “A Budget for Kentucky’s Future.” They will review and discuss the issues facing Kentucky as a new two-year budget is developed, hear from a variety of specialists about Kentucky’s budget needs and explore ideas of how to move Kentucky forward.

From KFTC's Economic Justice Lobby Day

The folks at KFTC's Economic Justice Lobby Day – twenty or so, and lots of great folks we've gotten to know from Women In Transition and Network Center for Community Change, and many first-time lobbyists – met the challenge head-on of working with at least four issues (in many more bills) that would impact Kentuckians' lives. It was a full day!

Economic Justice Lobby Day

This session, legislators have the opportunity to pass policies that would build new economic power in Kentucky. We can raise the minimum wage and enact 1 15% EITC to make sure that people earning low wages can make ends meet, and build a economic stability.

Members weigh in on Governor's tax proposal

KFTC members and allies met today after the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee meeting. The committee heard the Governor’s proposed tax plan, which harkened back to the Blue Ribbon Commission's work in 2012 and 2013, and that he offered last week in the name of tax reform.

The Governor's proposal includes some good policies that are needed in Kentucky.  He’s proposed an Earned Income Tax Credit at 7.5% of the federal credit. That’s just half of the EITC included in both the Kentucky Forward Plan (HB 220) and the Blue Ribbon Recommendations, which both call for a 15% EITC.  A 7.5% credit would mean that families that qualify for the highest credit (earning just over the minimum wage, and with three or more children), would receive a credit of about $350. The average credit would be $171.6—not necessarily enough to qualify the measure as an anti-poverty tool, but a small step in the right direction.


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