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What Good Tax Reform Looks Like

Though the details remain unknown, Governor Bevin has described the kind of tax reform he’ll introduce in a special session this year as shifting Kentucky toward a “consumption-based” tax system, or from income to sales taxes. In contrast, HB 263, filed in Kentucky’s 2017 General Assembly by Rep.

Taxing Groceries in Kentucky Would Hurt Low-Income Families, Weaken Revenue Growth

Governor Bevin has said he will propose tax reform in a special session this year that will move Kentucky toward a “consumption-based” tax system – in other words shifting from income taxes to greater reliance on sales taxes. One of the options for doing so would be to expand the state’s sales tax base to include groceries.

Op-Ed: Who pays, and how much in tax reform?

A member in Jefferson County gives a stirring call to action for concerned citizens to raise their voices as Governor Bevin sets his sites on changing Kentucky's tax laws.

Campaign For Our Common Wealth

Every day folks just like you work hard to build thriving communities with investments in good schools, healthy families, modern infrastructure and other foundations of an economy that works for all Kentuckians.

KCEP General Assembly Policy Issues Conference


Please join the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy for a look at the 2017 General Assembly and the issues facing Kentucky.

Speakers and panelists include:


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