EKU Presentation “Surface and Underground Coal Mining"

The EKU Environmental Health Science club is hosting a talk with top environmental attorney Tom Fitzgerald on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:30 p.m.

Enforcement a sham under agreement with Nally & Hamilton

An agreement negotiated in secret between state Energy Cabinet officials and Nally & Hamilton allows the coal company to pay minimal fines for thousands of violations of the Clean Water Act, gives pre-approval to vague remedial actions and does nothing to prevent continued violations of the law.

Hearing begins in Clean Water enforcement case

A court hearing begins Wednesday morning on the challenge by KFTC, Appalachian Voices and others to consent agreements between state officials and two coal companies.

Coal companies continue to pollute, citizens act

Two coal companies operating in eastern Kentucky continue to routinely and illegally discharge toxic pollutants into local streams, including streams used by several towns for their drinking water supply.

Lawsuit attempts to hold Nally and Hamilton accountable

KFTC and several allies filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday in an effort to get Nally and Hamilton coal company to obey the Clean Water Act.


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