Groups challenge U.S. EPA decision allowing Kentucky officials to gut clean water protections from selenium pollution

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Bruce Stanley Discusses "The Price of Justice"

We all know money talks, but surely not to the American justice system, right?  Bruce Stanely knows it does, at least in West Virginia where powerful coal baron Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, bought two West Virginia Supreme Court Justices.  Stanely, presenting the book about his experience, The Price of Justice, told 55 attendees in an overflow crowd at Carmichael’s Book Store Frankfort Ave. about the 14-year struggle he took part in against Massey Energy and its coal baron mastermind Blankenship.  The struggle would result in sabotaged computers, behind the scenes trips to the French Riviera, betrayal by disgruntled lovers, and winning a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.  It’s the sort of intrigue that usually belongs in a Grisham novel—in fact, Grisham has publicly said he wishes he wrote the book. 

Bruce Stanley: The Price of Justice

Carmichael's Bookstore and KFTC will host attorney Bruce Stanley for a discussion of the new book "The Price of Justice" written by Laurence Leamer

Kentuckians Step In When Coal Companies Falsify Water Reports

KFTC's litigation case against Frasure Creek and ICG mining companies is highlighted in Equal Voices News.  Equal Voices News is published by 

Finally, a victory against mountaintop removal

This article reviews a recent court settlement in which Patriot Coal agreed to phase out large scale surface mining operations in West Virginia and decommission its enormous draglines so they cannot be used in other locations in Central Appalachia.


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