Sustainability Tour!

The Northern Kentucky and Scott County chapters will be hosting a tour of places that help encourage a sustainable approach to our economy, energy, and land usage, and to look at how closely tied environmental and economic justice issues can be.

Annual Friend-Raiser held in Madison County

The Madison County Chapter held its annual Friend-Raiser this past weekend, drawing 75 guests to Berea’s picturesque and secluded HomeGrown Hideaways. Veteran members and prospective members alike were treated to an evening of fun and food, along with some friendly competition in the form of a silent auction.

Barn Dance Success

This past Saturday, northern Kentucky members held a Barn Dance in historic Rabbit Hash. Members Dinah Devoto, Patrick Kennedy and Terrie Marksberry did most of the planning, including reserving the space and recruiting a line-up of talented local musicians.

How a Kentucky school teacher stopped a 756-acre surface mine — for now

KFTC member Pam Maggard leads her community in its effort to stop a coal company's plan to blast away more than 750 acres of mountaintop within view of her home, an operation that promises disruptions to the local community and continued assault on their quality of life.

Nelson County folks tell Williams, Keep your pipeline out of our Bluegrass

Stories, maps, reports of safety violations, photos of the destruction from gas line explosions. Nelson County residents were eager to share with each other at this week’s fiscal court meeting.They were building the case against the so-called “Bluegrass Pipeline.”

The representatives of Williams, the company trying to cut through Kentucky with the Bluegrass Pipeline, seemed unprepared for the research, preparation, and passion that Nelson County folks brought. Nearly 100 attended to learn more and let their fiscal court representatives know how they feel about the pipeline proposal.


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