Overview of the Obama administrations actions & impact on the coal industry

This article does a solid job examining the impact of actions taken by the Obama administration that relate to the coal industry. The article quotes numerous people in the coal industry and financial sector who admit that the recent woes of the industry are "primarily due to changing market conditions, not environmental rule revisions."

Presidential candidates and coal

Coal has become a major issue in the presidential campaign, with both candidates touting the benefits of so-called "clean coal."

Tax cuts don't lead to economic growth, 65-year study says

An analysis of six decades of data found that top tax rates "have had little association with saving, investment, or productivity growth." However, the study found that reductions of capital gains taxes and top marginal rate taxes have led to greater income inequality.

U of L president critical of cuts to education

University of Louisville President James Ramsey spoke out yesterday against unnamed politicians who "talk of education’s failures while espousing policies that fail to invest in education.” He noted that the university has been through 13 rounds of cuts in 12 years. 

Kentuckians among many "mountain heroes" in DC today

A number of KFTC members are participating in a rally against mountaintop removal mining in Washington DC today. The rally, organized by EarthJustice, features numerous "mountain heroes," including Kentuckians Wendell Berry, Mickey McCoy, Teri Blanton, and the band My Morning Jacket.


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