Renewable Energy Standards: State Success Stories

Produced by the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition, this report examines the experiences of states with renewable energy standards, policies that require utilities to get an increasing share of their electricity from renewable sources. The report is brief, easy to read, and compelling.

Today's the day to contact your federal rep about the Ryan budget!

The U.S. House is expected to vote on Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal today. Here are some resources for understanding the impact of Ryan's budget, along with numbers you can use to call in while there's still time!

Building a climate movement here at home

Matt Wasson makes a powerful case for organizing around issues of climate, clean energy, and an economic transition in the mountain counties of Central Appalachia. He argues, "We also need a ground game in the remote corners of swing states where national elections are won and lost, where campaign narratives are targeted and where climate activists rarely tread."

Fiscal Cliff Talks Will Likely Target Medicare, Social Security, Programs For The Poor

Both Democrats and Republicans are disproportionately putting social programs on the chopping block as they try to figure out solutions to the "fiscal cliff" situation they put themselves in.

An open letter to President Barack Obama

A resident of Floyd County congratulates the president and invites him to visit Kentucky's 5th District. "Help us find a path to the future."


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