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Become a Sustaining Giver

You can join a growing group of dedicated members who are choosing to become Sustaining Givers. Through an automatic recurring gift, you can help ensure that KFTC’s work to build grassroots power keeps happening every day, all year long.

Here's why being a Sustaining Giver is a win-win for you and KFTC:

  • You get to choose how much and how often you give.

  • You can have a bigger impact on KFTC’s work. Small monthly gifts can add up to a deeper investment throughout the year.

  • It’s easy. Once your Sustaining Gift is established, you always know your membership is current.

Fill out the form on the right to start your Sustaining Gift today.

* Contributions to KFTC are not tax-deductible since they may be used for grassroots lobbying on important legislation. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, please click here. 


 Why am I a Sustaining Giver?

"I had a goal to be a $100 level giver. However, it was hard enough to find $15 extra in one month to pay my yearly dues, much less $100 sitting around that I could give to KFTC. The goal seemed unattainable until I heard about the Sustaining Giver program. I figured out that if I gave $8.50 a month, I could be a $100 giver. I could do that! It made me feel like I was making a significant monetary contribution to the important work we do all year long."

–Dana Beasley Brown, Bowling Green