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Why am I a Sustaining Giver?

Dana and Stockton Beasley Brown, our newest/youngest lobbyist

"I had a goal to be a $100 level giver. However, it was hard enough to find $15 extra in one month to pay my yearly dues, much less $100 sitting around that I could give to KFTC. The goal seemed unattainable until I heard about the Sustaining Giver program. I figured out that if I gave $8.50 a month, I could be a $100 giver. I could do that! It made me feel like I was making a significant monetary contribution to the important work we do all year long."

Dana Beasley Brown 
Bowling Green

Here’s why being a Sustaining Giver is a win-win for you and KFTC:

  • You get to choose the amount and frequency of your gifts. Even a small monthly gift adds up in a year.

  • Your recurring contribution helps ensure that KFTC’s work keeps happening every day, all year long – lobbying in Frankfort, water testing in eastern Kentucky, voter registration across the state, and lots of other efforts to build a better Kentucky.

  • It’s easy. Once your payment is established, you don’t have to even write a check because it’s automatic.

  • KFTC’s number of Sustaining Givers shows foundations and other funders that we have a committed base of members who believe our work is worth investing in.

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If today isn’t the best time for you to become a Sustaining Giver, you can still support KFTC by making a one-time gift. Click here to make a gift today.