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E.g., 06/2018
E.g., 06/2018

National Survey Results: Bipartisan Majority of Americans Want Clean Energy

A national survey conducted in March 2012 shows overwhelming and bipartisan support for clean energy policies that go far beyond what is currently in place, especially in Kentucky. More than 80 percent of the 1,019 people asked agreed with the statement: “The time is now for a new, grassroots-driven politics to realize a renewable energy future.”

Nuts and Bolts of Voter Registration

Here is a short "Nuts and Bolts of Voter Registration" information sheet to quickly guide you through how to register voters in Kentucky.  If you are organizing a voter registration drive, this is a helpful tool to bring with you to answer many of the questions that may come up! 

Chapter Development Armchair Seminar: Planning a Voter Registration Drive!

Did you miss last night's monthly Chapter Development Armchair Seminar that focused on how to register and empower voters in your chapter or other local area?  If so, you can still check out the information by downloading the Power Point slide and some of the presenter's notes now!

KCEP's EITC brief

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The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy's brief about the Earned Income Tax Credit. September 2012.

September 2012 Chapter Development Armchair Seminar: Growing your base of members!

Here is the PDF of a webinar, with presenter's notes, from a Chapter Development Armchair Seminar that was offered on September 10th, 2012 about growing an active, diverse membership.

The Prairie State Coal Plant: The Reality vs. the Promise

This report describes why communities that bought shares of the new Prairie State coal project face higher than projected initial costs and significant economic risks for the future. 

Looking at the coal mine permit

Here is a section-by-section summary of what you'll find in a coal mine permit, and what you should look for.

Chapter Development Armchair Seminar: Developing and selecting good issues

Did you miss our August 2012 Chapter Development Armchair Seminar that focused on how to select a good local issue campaign? No problem. Just download the PDF of the power point presentation that includes the speaker's notes.

Kentucky Deserves Better slideshow

This presentation was created to kick off our Kentucky Deserves Better campaign.  It outlines the many ways in which eastern Kentucky's congressional representative Hal Rogers has failed his constituents in his 30-plus year tenure.  The presentation also outlines the opportunities we now have to improve the 5th District.

How to have great one on one conversations

This is a PDF of a power point and presentation notes from a May 7th, 2012 armchair seminar (webinar) that KFTC offered to our members. It focuses on learning how to have one-on-one conversations (also known as conversations with a purpose) to build people power!