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E.g., 02/2018
E.g., 02/2018

Kentucky Deserves Better slideshow

This presentation was created to kick off our Kentucky Deserves Better campaign.  It outlines the many ways in which eastern Kentucky's congressional representative Hal Rogers has failed his constituents in his 30-plus year tenure.  The presentation also outlines the opportunities we now have to improve the 5th District.

How to have great one on one conversations

This is a PDF of a power point and presentation notes from a May 7th, 2012 armchair seminar (webinar) that KFTC offered to our members. It focuses on learning how to have one-on-one conversations (also known as conversations with a purpose) to build people power!

Evaluation of Nine Ky Power Plant SO2 Compliance

Some of Kentucky's largest working-class communities are being put at risk by power plants that are violating national clean air standards, according to a new report from the Sierra Club and the Kentucky Environmental Foundation. Their study finds that nine power plants, most located next to major cities, are spewing out more sulfur dioxide than they should be.The nine are:

How to plan and implement a successful chapter fundraising event.

Want to learn how to plan and implement a good chapter fundraising event or houseparty? This is a PDF version of a webinar we hosted on this topic.

Scott County Voter Guide (2012 Primary)

Scott County Voter Guide (2012 Primary)

How to plan and run great KFTC chapter meetings

How to plan and run great KFTC chapter meetings

Letter to the Editor: Cumberland County News

Carl Wicklund Letter on Voting Rights

A Case Study in Non-Compliance and Non-Enforcement in Kentucky

One citizen's story about our drinking water

Qualities of a Powerful Chapter

The building blocks of new power