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E.g., 09/2018
E.g., 09/2018

KCEP's EITC brief

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The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy's brief about the Earned Income Tax Credit. September 2012.

The Prairie State Coal Plant: The Reality vs. the Promise

This report describes why communities that bought shares of the new Prairie State coal project face higher than projected initial costs and significant economic risks for the future. 

Looking at the coal mine permit

Here is a section-by-section summary of what you'll find in a coal mine permit, and what you should look for.

Evaluation of Nine Ky Power Plant SO2 Compliance

Some of Kentucky's largest working-class communities are being put at risk by power plants that are violating national clean air standards, according to a new report from the Sierra Club and the Kentucky Environmental Foundation. Their study finds that nine power plants, most located next to major cities, are spewing out more sulfur dioxide than they should be.The nine are:

Scott County Voter Guide (2012 Primary)

Scott County Voter Guide (2012 Primary)

Letter to the Editor: Cumberland County News

Carl Wicklund Letter on Voting Rights

A Case Study in Non-Compliance and Non-Enforcement in Kentucky

One citizen's story about our drinking water

Raising the Bar: Kentucky's Real Budget Report

A report released by KFTC and the Kentucky Economic Justice Alliance in 2005.  Raising The Bar: Kentucky's Real Budget Report is an effort to inform and provoke public dialogue about the needs for greater investment in Kentucky's public services and future.

Felon Disenfranchisement in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

This report on our felon disenfranchisement problem was issued by the League of Women Voters of Kentucky in 2006.  

How To Have an Impact on Your Rural Electric Cooperative

A four-page booklet on the background of rural electric cooperatives, tips for getting involved, and co-op role models. The information is not specific to Kentucky, but is a good general resource for getting involved in your rural electric co-op.