Resources & Publications

E.g., 10/2017
E.g., 10/2017

Annual Chapter Meeting materials combined

This PDF contains all of the printed materials related to our Annual Chapter Meeting process.

Lobbying Guide for the Clean Energy Opportunity Act

Gives an overview of how to talk with legislators about the benefits Kentuckians will gain from the Clean Energy Opportunity Act.

Annual Chapter Meeting report form

Use this form to report back on the outcomes of your Annual Chapter Meeting.  

Please return this form to KFTC, 140 Mini Mall Drive, Berea, KY 40403 within 48 hours of your chapter’s annual meeting.

KFTC's Platform

This is a printable version of our organizational platform.  It is current for 2016-17

Platform process guidelines

This document will provide you with some guidelines and tips for leading a discussion on modifying KFTC's organizational platform.  

Annual Chapter Meeting agenda

This is a suggested agenda to help you plan your Annual Chapter Meeting.  This agenda will touch on all the major decisions your chapter needs to make at this meeting, but feel free to customize it to your needs.

Chapter petition form

Your chapter should use this form to indicate whether or not you intend to remain a chapter for the following year.

Leadership positions in KFTC

This document describes many of the leadership positions available for you to participate in as a member of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.

Kentucky Coalition and Executive Committee nomination form

Use this form to nominate individuals to our Executive Committee or to the board of the Kentucky Coalition.

Blue Ribbon Commission: Framework for Statements

This framework is one way for members to stand with each other, and offer strategic and specific policy options that KFTC supports.  Feel free to use it for delivering comments.