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E.g., 07/2018
E.g., 07/2018

Felon Disenfranchisement in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

This report on our felon disenfranchisement problem was issued by the League of Women Voters of Kentucky in 2006.  

How To Have an Impact on Your Rural Electric Cooperative

A four-page booklet on the background of rural electric cooperatives, tips for getting involved, and co-op role models. The information is not specific to Kentucky, but is a good general resource for getting involved in your rural electric co-op.

Ky REPS goals graphic

Two graphics that show the proposed ramp-up in renewable energy and energy efficiency through 2022 under the 2012 Clean Energy Opportunity Act.

Promoting Long Term Investment in Appalachian Kentucky, 2012

This report, published by MACED, describes a proposal to create a permanent fund with coal severance tax resources in order to support long-term investments in economic diversification and transition.

The Impact of Coal on Kentucky's State Budget, 2009

This report, published by the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development, compares the amount of state revenues directly and indirectly generated by the coal industry with the level of state spending on the coal industry, through tax breaks, subsidies, and other direct expenses.

A Cooperative Approach to Renewing East Kentucky

This article, written by KFTC members Randy Wilson and Sara Pennington, describes a vision for how Kentucky's rural electric cooperatives could help drive job creation, energy savings, and renewable energy production across eastern and central Kentucky.

Clean Water Protection Act

The Clean Water Protection Act would redefine fill material to not include waste.

Transition Culture Website

This website features articles, stories and resources about people all over the world working to create more resilient and sustainable communities.

Essays about Appalachian Transition

This website lists more than a dozen essays from regional writers, thinkers and doers about what is needed and what is possible to begin the process of a just economic transition in the mountains.