Economic Justice Resources

E.g., 07/2018
E.g., 07/2018

Comments to KY Public Service Commission by Tom FitzGerald and Metro Housing Coalition, June 2018

Metropolitan Housing Coalition and Tom FitzGerald

This is a legal brief filed by attorney Tom FitzGerald of Kentucky Resource Council on behalf of his client, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, regarding a case before the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

Poor People's Campaign: Letter responding to Bevin voicemail

Kentucky Poor People's Campaign

The Kentucky Poor People's Campaign presented a list of demands to the governor's office. Matt Bevin responded with a voicemail. This letter is in response to the voicemail.

Co-op Contact List and Tip Sheet for Saving Energy

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

This document provides contact information for rural electric cooperatives and some other utilities, plus a terrific set of tips for saving money and energy. It was produced for participants in KFTC's Power House Workshops. For more information, contact

Pulaski County Power Map

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Laura Greenfield

This Power Map of Pulaski County was created as part of a Power House Workshop, offered in Somerset by KFTC on April 7, 2018. It shows the various utilities that serve parts of the county, and describes the average rates and bills they charge, compared to the state average.

2018 Budget cuts: The 70 Programs Proposed to Eliminate

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

In Jan 2018, Governor Bevin proposed a budget that eliminated 70 programs from the state budget. 

Analysis of KYGA18 Economic Justice Bills

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

A shorthand analysis of the impacts of current legislation in Kentucky on pensions, the state budget and tax reform.

2018 Economic Justice Talking Points

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

A set of helpful facts and messaging on the economic justice issues of public pensions, the state budget, and adequate revenue in Kentucky in 2018.

CFOC Talking Points

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Talking points for why we need new revenue to fund critical public investments in KY

Kentucky Forward Plan (HB 29 - 2018)

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

House Bill 29 will make Kentucky's tax system more fair, adequate and sustainable with a broad variety of reforms. And raise more than $570 million in new revenue annually.

Pension No SS Victory! What's Next.

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

We stopped the special legislative sessions on taxes ansd pensions in 2017. How do we keep winning in 2018?