Nathan "Nate" Morguelan

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What is your vision for how you will represent Bowling Green? How will Bowling Green be different in two years if you’re elected?

Bowling Green is a fantastic city, but it doesn't mean we can't work even harder to make it better. I envision a city with an active and progressive government that treats its citizens fairly and equally. I would love nothing more than to lead the charge on making Bowling Green an even greater city than it already is.

Question 2: 

Given the changing housing landscape and that the majority of the Bowling Green population are renters, would you support the enactment of URLTA, a law that would provide greater protections for landlords and tenants?

Yes, I would.

Question 3: 

A fairness ordinance simply adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the city's civil rights ordinance. Would you vote to adopt such an ordinance to protect our LGBT community from discrimination?

I would happily sponsor and vote for a fairness ordinance.

Question 4: 

Last year the city commissions of Louisville and Lexington voted to increase the minimum wage. Would you support a minimum wage increase in Bowling Green?

I would happily vote for a wage increase in Bowling Green.

Question 5: 

What would you do to address racial inequality in Bowling Green?

The first thing we need to do is listen to those who feel oppressed or unequal to other citizens. We need to find out how they feel and what is wrong, and then take the right steps to alleviating those situations. The voices who speak out must be heard, respected, and assisted.

Question 6: 

What role can the local government play in helping bridge the gap between local farmers and consumers, especially schools, restaurants, and industrial buyers? What ideas and policies do you support to strengthen our local food economy?

As a purveyor of farmer's markets, we absolutely need to do everything we can to keep them alive and help to bolster them. As for bridging the gap, that is something that I don't have an answer for, however, my good friend Timothy Kercheville is quite knowledgeable in that regard, and I would happily defer to him on this subject.

Question 7: 

Other Kentucky cities have opened Offices of Sustainability to provide education and community action in urban farming and gardening. What steps can the city of Bowling Green take to scale up emerging community garden endeavors?

Once again I would defer to my friend Timothy, who has some ideas in this department, which I am happy to support.