Jennifer Morlan

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What is your vision for how you will represent Bowling Green? How will Bowling Green be different in two years if you’re elected?

Citizens of Bowling Green would be working and the unemployment rate would be down. Bowling Green would be ready for anything, like what happened in the ice storm. We weren't ready. If I was elected I would make sure that Bowling Green was ready.

Question 2: 

Given the changing housing landscape and that the majority of the Bowling Green population are renters, would you support the enactment of URLTA, a law that would provide greater protections for landlords and tenants?

I would support the renters, but if they do not do what's right to the landlord I would protect the landlord. If the landlord did something not right, I would protect the renters. If they did something like throw someone on the street without giving notice, I would stick up for the renters.

Question 3: 

A fairness ordinance simply adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the city's civil rights ordinance. Would you vote to adopt such an ordinance to protect our LGBT community from discrimination?

I believe in Martin Luther King said, "Let everybody hold hand in hand and come together -black, white - come hand and hand together" I believe what he meant when he said slaveowner come together with African Americans, that's what he meant. People from every country come together and hold hands too. What Martin Luther King meant with the example of slave owners and African Americans coming together and holding hands is the same concept as a gay person holding hands with somebody who doesn't like it. I believe in an anti discrimination ordinance for the LGBT community. And that's why, Martin Luther King stood for fairness. All men created equal.

Question 4: 

Last year the city commissions of Louisville and Lexington voted to increase the minimum wage. Would you support a minimum wage increase in Bowling Green?

I would support the minimum wage going up because it would help people put food on the table and help people raise their families. I would support that. It would help people work better knowing they have a decent wage too.

Question 5: 

What would you do to address racial inequality in Bowling Green?

Martin Luther King's statement "I have a dream", that's what he wanted. I would have a community forum, with lots of people coming together to talk about discrimination in this area and how to reduce it. Also, I would use Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream Speech" to help people realize that he wanted this to see why people should not be discriminated against.

Question 6: 

What role can the local government play in helping bridge the gap between local farmers and consumers, especially schools, restaurants, and industrial buyers? What ideas and policies do you support to strengthen our local food economy?

I would use local farmers and I would encourage businesses to use local farmers. I would also encourage people to buy local industry and companies. I would also give local farmers and new companies tax breaks.

Question 7: 

Other Kentucky cities have opened Offices of Sustainability to provide education and community action in urban farming and gardening. What steps can the city of Bowling Green take to scale up emerging community garden endeavors?

Did not respond.