Ronnie Terrill

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What are the major issues facing the City of Berea?

I think there are two issues currently facing the City.  First and foremost, we really need to get the contract with Amp Electric signed and in place.  It’s not everyday an entity such as the City of Berea can save $1,000,000 on a necessary commodity such as electric.

Second, I think we should begin discussions about the position Mayor for the City of Berea becoming a full-time position.

Question 2: 

What is your position on future growth and development issues as they affect Berea; including further development of historical districts, tourism, and sustainable “buy local” initiatives?

I fully support any “buy local” programs, and we as a City need to provide incentives for more of such programs.

As far as tourism goes, I think we need to take a real serious look at all the tourism programs to see what’s working, if anything, and what’s not, and scrap those that aren’t working for the City.

Question 3: 

Are you in favor of the development of pedestrian and bicycle pathways as safe and practical options to motorized transportation in Berea? If so, what projects of this kind would be your priority?

I am in favor of pedestrian/bicycle pathways throughout the City.  I think we have a couple of opportunities for such development.  First and foremost, we need to petition the State to get our bypass completed and make sure that any plans for the roadway include pedestrian/bicycle paths.  Once the bypass is completed, we can also complete the walking path from the City’s Utility office to Indian Fort Theatre.

Question 4: 

State and federal laws do not exist that ban discrimination against people in areas of housing, employment and public accommodation based on perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. Knowing that, would you be in favor of passing a fairness ordinance in Berea that would address this type of discrimination? Please explain.

I am not in favor of any sort of fairness ordinance.  The City recently created a Human Rights Commission for these situations.  I think this Commission should do what they are charged to do, and help ALL citizens of Berea.  If a citizen comes to this commission asking for assistance on any matter, they should find a way to help, or at the very least, directing them in the right direction for assistance.

Question 5: 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the years of 2010-2014, 19.7% of the residents of Madison County lived below the poverty line. What policies will you support to improve the availability of safe affordable housing and increased economic opportunities for all citizens?

Economic development is the only real way to help.  We need to spend more time, effort, and/or maybe even tax dollars on economic development to get decent paying jobs in Berea.

A vocational school would also be an avenue to help people out.  The ability to get trained in a trade or skill would greatly enhance a person’s ability to get a good paying job.

Question 6: 

What actions or initiatives can the city take to provide help and alternatives to families and people in Berea living with addiction?

See answer to question 11.  I think jobs would help.  Also, the idea of “re-training” opportunities at a vocational school type setting could be all someone needs to get their lives turned around.

Question 7: 

What measures do you support to foster good relations between law enforcement officers and our local community?

I support any effort to help bring our law enforcement and other first responders closer to citizens.

Question 8: 

Last year there was a great deal of controversy around the selling of confederate flag merchandise at the Spoonbread Festival, and Berea students reported being harassed on the basis of race while in town. Given that, what measures do you support to address racial harassment in Berea?

I think this would have been an excellent opportunity for our Human Rights Commission to step up to the plate and actually do something.  I think we could have found a solution suitable for everyone that didn’t include cancelling one of Berea’s largest tourism events.

I do find it funny that the Mayor didn’t do anything about items being for sale at the recent craft festival that contained representations of the confederate flag.

Question 9: 

Berea is in the midst of making long-term decisions about where and how it gets and manages its wholesale electric power. Beyond safety, reliability and affordability, what considerations should be made with respect to Berea's electric power choices?

The decision has already been made for a long term wholesale electric power.  The current administration needs to get the contract signed and in place.  The delay has already cost the citizen’s of Berea $600,000.