Bruce Fraley

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What are the major issues facing the City of Berea?

While there are many issue facing our city, the top four issues are: 1) Creating an economic environment where entreprenuership and both small and large business development are are encouraged; 2) Actively managing growth and providing essential services (water, electricity, sewage, roads) for our growing city; 3) taking action to combat the proliferation of illegal drugs in our community; and 4) building a constructive, positive relationships among our elected officials, business and community leader and oraganizaitons that will allow us to build upon the things that unite us and work together on the things that can divide us.

Question 2: 

What is your position on future growth and development issues as they affect Berea; including further development of historical districts, tourism, and sustainable “buy local” initiatives?

Our city is growing at a rapid rate.  We need to manage growth and ensure that essential services keep up with growth.  We should encourage active public input into our planning and zoning process.  Everyone has a stake in our future growth and development.  Tourism is an essential part of our economy, and I support reasonable funding for promoting tourism in Berea.  Encouraging preservation of historical districts and buildings makes sense and is important because it helps us preserve the character of our city.  I will support buy local initiatives because this clearly supports our local emonomy and helps small business and agricultural businesses thrive.

Question 3: 

Are you in favor of the development of pedestrian and bicycle pathways as safe and practical options to motorized transportation in Berea? If so, what projects of this kind would be your priority?

Our city has been very progressive in developing shared use pathways.  The shared use path from the Artisan Center to Berea College and the John Stephenson Memorial Memorial Trail are good examples.  The most logical step for expanding share use pathways is to connect the Stephenson Trail to the Indian Fort shared use path.  I have also heard discussions about the idea of connecting our "Old Town" district with the Artisan Center by rail.  I am very interested in analyzing this idea because it would support local business in old town while putting visitors within walking distance to Berea College and businesses on Chestnut Street.

Question 4: 

State and federal laws do not exist that ban discrimination against people in areas of housing, employment and public accommodation based on perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. Knowing that, would you be in favor of passing a fairness ordinance in Berea that would address this type of discrimination? Please explain.

As with any proposed city ordinance, I would need to see the language of the ordinance, hear arguments for or against during the vetting process, and hear legal opinion on an ordinance before deciding whether I stand in support of or in opposition to the ordinance.  I would be interested in seeing KFTC's stance on this issue.

Question 5: 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the years of 2010-2014, 19.7% of the residents of Madison County lived below the poverty line. What policies will you support to improve the availability of safe affordable housing and increased economic opportunities for all citizens?

I will first address the issue of increased economic opportunities.  As a council member, I would: 1) Encourage planning to support and keep our current industry; 2) Advocate for fully utilizing the talent of our Industrial Development Authority and Economic Development Department; and 3) Advocate for creating an economic environment that is favorable to the creation of new businesses. To be sure we are doing everything possible to improve the availability of safe and affordable housing, we should utilize the knowledge and wise counsel of our City Housing Authority to identify problems and develop sustainable solutions.  To ensure "safe" housing, we must continue to focus our efforts on deterring proliferation of illegal drugs in our community and encourage formation of neighborhood watch groups.

Question 6: 

What actions or initiatives can the city take to provide help and alternatives to families and people in Berea living with addiction?

Again, focusing on efforts to combat and deter the proliferation of illegal drugs will be necessary for the foreseeable future.  Prevention of drug use is key.  In terms of treating those struggling with addiction, we could garner with the Madison County Health Department to identify sources and best practices for treatment.

Question 7: 

What measures do you support to foster good relations between law enforcement officers and our local community?

In my view, our city police department, county Sheriff's office, and Kentucky State police have a history of good relationships with our citizens.  There is a sense of mutual respect in our community that we do not always see in other communities.  Community relations initiatives should be encourages, including DARE, neighborhood watch outreach, crime prevention outreach, to name a few possibilities.

Question 8: 

Last year there was a great deal of controversy around the selling of confederate flag merchandise at the Spoonbread Festival, and Berea students reported being harassed on the basis of race while in town. Given that, what measures do you support to address racial harassment in Berea?

We should not tolerate acts of harassment of any form.  Harassment is a crime as defined by Kentucky Revised Statute 525.070.  We should encourage victims of harassment to report it to the proper authorities and we should advocate for prosecution of offenders.  To deter harassment, it may be wise o increase law enforcement presence at large events, in consultation with the Chief of Police.

Question 9: 

Berea is in the midst of making long-term decisions about where and how it gets and manages its wholesale electric power. Beyond safety, reliability and affordability, what considerations should be made with respect to Berea's electric power choices?

Safety, reliability, and good stewardship of our taxpayer's dollars are clearly the top three factors in electric power choices.  Also, as I understand it, an decision has been made by the City Council on a source for our electricity.  However, in the future, I believe we should always do our best to purchase from an organization with power generation stations in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  We would also be wise to do business with "agile" providers.  In 2015, 7% of the electricity generated in Kentucky was produced by natural gas.  The percentage of electricity produced by natural gas has been increasing each year in our state, and this trend is expected to continue.  Additionally, our state has an exceptionally large reserve of natural gas.  "Agile" electricity producers are capable of increasing generation of electricity toward natural gas as supply and demand evolves.