How we survey candidates

This website contains responses to KFTC’s candidate surveys sent to individuals running for all of our statewide constitutional offices.

KFTC sent a letter and survey questions to every candidate in the races we covered, and gave them several options for responding. We followed up vigorously, leaving multiple phone, email, Facebook and Twitter messages to encourage participation from all candidates. We recieved hand-written, typed and even verbal responses to our survey questions. We published all responses word-for-word.

Fact Checks and Record Checks

It sometimes happens that a candidate makes claims that are misleading or not well supported by evidence. Where appropriate, we have provided brief fact checks and record checks in an effort to help voters make informed decisions. In these cases we’ve made every effort to be thoughtful and even-handed. Of course, we encourage every voter to examine each candidate’s words carefully, along with our occasional fact and record checks. Do your own research, and draw your own conclusions.

We appreciate all the candidates who took the time to respond to KFTC’s candidate survey. We know they have busy lives and campaign schedules. It reflects well on them all that they took the time to thoughtfully explain their views on issues important to voters.

Please share this website with your friends and family. We hope you find it a valuable and motivating resource as you prepare to cast your vote!