Sustainable Energy resources

Healthier Kentuckians Through Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

Describes, by documenting scientific studies, how transitioning to sustainable, clean energy solutions will benefit our health and well-being.

Source/Author: Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

Clean Energy in Kentucky: Affordable, Achievable and Sustainable!

This handout gives an overview of what types of clean energy resources exist in Kentucky and has a map that details where renewable energy installations have already taken place in our state.

Source/Author: Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

Kentucky's Clean Energy Momentum

Gives information about clean energy success stories in Kentucky and describes how a large pool of grant money that went to counties for clean energy work was used.

Source/Author: Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

The Solar Industry in Kentucky: A Brief Review

Gives an overview of current solar business and manufacuring in the state as well as a review of the potential in this area.

Source/Author: Kentucky Solar Partnership

Clean Energy Opportunity Act Narrative

This paper gives a broad overview of how to make the case for the Clean Energy Opportunity Act with legislators. It provides useful graphics, facts and citations.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Kentucky Can Do It

Gives us information about how, by tapping into our clean energy resources and building on existing momentum, we can curb energy costs and get our economy back on track. Also offers several Kentucky clean energy success stories.

Source/Author: Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

An Opportunity for Kentucky

What Kentucky can learn from neighboring states already gaining clean energy businesses and jobs.

Source/Author: Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

Wind Power Manufacturing Opportunities in Kentucky

A presentation that reviews the growth of the wind industry in the U.S. and discusses what Kentucky companies are already employing people to manufacture parts for wind turbines as well as our potential for job growth in this sector.

Source/Author: American Wind Energy Association

Feed In Tariffs - A Policy for Rapidly Expanding Renewable Energy Deployment

Explains how feed in tariffs, which establish contract terms and payment rates that utilities would pay in-state renewable energy producers, work and discusses successes seen around the world from using them.

Source/Author: Kentucky Solar Partnership

Insights from drafting & passage of North Carolina's REPS law

Reviews North Carolina's process of passing statewide renewable energy and energy efficiency goals and details the benefits, including the createion of thousands of jobs, that the state has seen as a result of doing so.

Source/Author: North Carolina Sustainable Energy Organization