Renew East Kentucky resources

KFTC Environmental Justice Analysis - Preliminary Report and Documentation

This report provides full documentation of several preliminary maps produced by KFTC's Environmental Justice Workteam. Feedback is welcome to A final report will be published in early 2017. 

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth EJ Workteam. Lead author, Laura Greenfield

Kentucky's Changing Energy Landscape - A presentation at 2016 A Seat At The Table events

This is a recording of a slide show presentation about Kentucky's changing energy landscape used during a series of public events - called A Seat At The Table - held in the spring of 2016 to gather public input about Kentucky's energy future. These events were part of KFTC's Empower Kentucky project. 

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

KFTC Overview of EPA Climate Proposal - July 2014

KFTC developed this overview of the EPA's proposed carbon emissions standards for existing power plants, released in June 2014. It is intended to help KFTC members understand and talk about the issues surrounding climate change and this EPA proposal.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Shelby Energy Proposed Members' Bill of Rights

The Members' Bill of Rights proposed to the Shelby Enery Board by KFTC members.

Source/Author: Renew Shelby Energy campaign members

Public Interest Groups' Closing Statement to the Clean Energy Collaborative

The statement presented by KFTC and allied public interest groups at the final meeting of the Clean Energy Collaborative with East Kentucky Power and their rural electric co-ops.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth and other public interest groups

Renew Big Sandy Talking Points

Tips and talking points for people who would like to speak about a just transition during the public meetings that the KY Public Service Commission is holding on the proposed shut down of the Big Sandy power plant in Louisa.


Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Renewable Energy Standards: State Success Stories

Produced by the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition, this report examines the experiences of states with renewable energy standards, policies that require utilities to get an increasing share of their electricity from renewable sources. The report is brief, easy to read, and compelling.

Source/Author: Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

The Prairie State Coal Plant: The Reality vs. the Promise

This report describes why communities that bought shares of the new Prairie State coal project face higher than projected initial costs and significant economic risks for the future. 

Source/Author: Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

How$martKY Handout

One-page handout on the How$martKY on-bill financing program for energy efficiency.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Renew East Kentucky Campaign Handout

General overview of the Renew East Kentucky campaign. One page, front and back.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth