Voter Empowerment work in northern Kentucky

The Northern Kentucky chapter has been hard at work with voter registration already! From voter registration at farmers' markets, libraries, and colleges, they are making a concerted effort to help reshape the voting demographics in Northern Kentucky. With August not quite finished, the chapter has registered over 100 voters, and are looking forward to registering several hundred more.

The chapter's focus for this election will be in the more urban and/or densley populated communities, including the cities of Florence, Newport, and Covington. The chapter also decided that each of those cities deserved voter guides aimed at tackling some of the problems communities in Northern Kentucky face. Be it hillside development, payday lenders, sustainability, ora lack of protection for minority communities in the area. 

The chapter's voter empowerment team took the time to look at not just the demographics who are least likely to vVoter Registration at BCPLote in TMC Move in 2012 3their community however, but also took a hard look to see which precincts in Northern Kentucky experienced lower voter turnout. The results were not surprising, if a bit disappointing, as turnout has been lower in the lower income communities in Northern Kentucky.

The chapter hopes that their efforts will resonate with people in their community, encourage politicans and elected leaders to seek out the opinions and votes of oft neglected communities, and build a sense of ownership in policy affairs.

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