Sustaining Givers build grassroots power in Kentucky


Meredith Wadlington and Jonah Cabiles are KFTC Sustaining Givers. And this summer they both became KFTC Organizer Apprentices, helping to build grassroots power across Kentucky.

How do Sustaining Gifts help build grassroots power?

Jonah: I’ve talked to people who had never heard of KFTC. It’s so cool to hear folks say, “This is the organization I’ve been waiting my whole life to be involved in.” Sustaining Gifts are important to making that happen.

Meredith: We have to do this work with a large body of folks. It has to come from all over the state, in every county. A Sustaining Gift is assuring us that that work will happen across Kentucky.

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Why invest in the Organizer Apprentice program?

Jonah: I’m entering new areas of Kentucky and meeting new people, and I don’t know if that work would be possible without the apprentices. The benefit of having more people on the ground is already paying off, increasing our ability to be more present in communities.

Meredith: This is really a historical moment in our organization, and as a social justice organization in Kentucky with 11,000 members, it’s also a historical moment for organizing in Kentucky.

Through an automatic, recurring gift, you can help ensure that KFTC’s work to build grassroots power keeps happening every day, all year long.