rtwaqPlease Don't Call Me Homeless. I Don't Call You Homedrtwaq



"Please Don't Call Me Homeless.  I Don't Call You Homed" is a powerful play about homelessness performed at the Lexington's Kentucky Theater last night and sponsored by the Catholic Action Center.  The play is almost entirely performed by Kentuckians who are homeless (or have been in the past), and is a platform to tell their stories.

Topics of the evening's program ranged from descriptions of what it's like to try to get by in Lexington without a job, much money or a home, to discussions of root causes of poverty in our nation and everything in-between.

The theater was packed with about 350 people, including many KFTC members. 

We also used this as an opportunity to talk to Kentuckians who are homeless and interview them about rules proposed by some politicians to make it harder for people without stable addresses to vote.  Look for more blog posts in the coming days with some of those interviews.

gIMG_0669 gIMG_0700 gIMG_0680 gIMG_0676


Kudos and thanks to all of the actors, as well as the Catholic Action Center for organizing this strong and educational event. 

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