Northern Kentucky Loves Mountains Recap!

The Northern Kentucky chapter didn’t take any time off after the election, immediately pivoting to their 3rd Annual Northern Kentucky Loves Mountains. Chapter leaders worked with local businesses, musicians, and poets to put together an event that was family friendly and would help raise awareness about the need for a just transition towards a sustainable economy that would benefit the entire state long term. 

The event took place at Groove Coffee House in Covington this past Saturday on November 10th, and featured posters for sale from the No Greater Task: Art and Activism For Appalachia which featured artists from around the country, including quite a few from Kentucky. In addition to the posters, local Urban Appalachian poets Michael Henson and Scott Goebel read poetry about the region they love, and the band the Red Cedars played throughout the evening. Local business Savor Catering and Events of Newport also donated pastries for the event to help.

Scott Goebel

In addition to the members who performed at the event, other members spent a great deal of time preparing for the event as well. Ben Baker was the emcee, and Tiffany Emerson did the planning for it. Local artists Rob Warnick and Keith Neltner collaborated for a great poster design for the event, in addition to the individual posters they had for sale at the event, which was hung up around town.

Mike Henson 2

The event was without doubt a huge success, as over 40 people came out that evening for music, poetry, posers, and pastries. The chapter raised over $350 that night, recruited 7 new members, and helped inspire people to learn more about the issues around mountaintop removal and the need to transition to a new, just, and sustainable economic model for Appalachia.

Red Cedars 3

The chapter is still waiting for the final amount raised, as the poster show is going to remain at Groove Coffee House (640 Main Street, Covington, KY) until the Monday after Thanksgiving. The posters are available for $20 a piece.

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