NKY Film Fest!

The Northern Kentucky KFTC Chapter, along with the Northern Kentucky Sierra Club, has long been interested in issues around hillside development. The two organizations, seeing a common purpose, began working together several months ago, and are putting together a film festival and speaker event that will talk about how Northern Kentucky and the state handles land development that will be held Sunday March 4th at 2 pm at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Public Library.

This event, which is thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of members like Ruth Bamberger, JoAnn and Paul  Schwartz, Ann Hicks, Melinda Simonds, Rick Traud, and so many more, will feature clips from award winning films like Kilowatt Ours, Architecture to Zucchini, A Passion for Sustainability, and The Mountaintop Removal Road Show to highlight the need for sustainability, the importance of incorporating natural beauty in development, the need to understand the soil quality in your community, and the impact development has on water.

NKY Film

To really tie these films together the two groups also will have several speakers discussing local concerns with development. Eric Russo, the Executive Director of the Hillside Trust, will talk about the strength of the land in Northern Kentucky, and what over developing an area can mean to the people living in the surrounding communities; Tim Guilfoile, the National Deputy Director of Sierra Club's Water Sentinels Project, will talk about the importance of water quality to people living in Northern Kentucky, and the impact and problems these conditions may have; and several representatives of the Lewisburg Neighborhood Association of Covington, Kentucky will talk about the problems their community has faced due to the added developments around them, and will have a question and answer period with attendees.

Both organizations are looking forward to this event, and hope to raise awareness about the need for more sustainable and joint planning across the communities in Northern Kentucky.

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