Join KFTC at the Vice Presidential Debate in Danville: Thursday, October 11

The new Wildnerness Trace chapter of KFTC invites you to join them at the Vice Presidential Debate Festival in Danville on Thursday, October 11, 2012.

KFTC members will be speaking on the issues we work on that are important to the national debate--either because they're being addressed or have been ignored and need to be heard.

If you come to join us for the day, please wear your KFTC t-shirt if you have one, or any bright green shirt. We want to stand out in the crowd!

4:30 pm -- KFTC Speakers at the Speakers' Park

Introduction to KFTC and local organizing -- Wilderness Trace Chapter members

Economic Justice: Tax and Budget Issues -- Dana Beasley Brown

Voting Rights -- Tayna Fogle

Coal & Energy -- Carl Shoupe

KFTC members will meet at the Speakers' Park a little before 4:30, but anyone is welcome to attend any of the earlier speeches. Speaker’s Park is located on Centre’s Practice Football Field on the North side of Russell Street between Beatty Avenue and College Street. (See our map below.) The Park will open at noon on October 11.

KFTC will have a table with information starting at noon at the Speakers' Park. Stop by, say "hi," get informed, and meet members from KFTC's newest chapter.

Approx. 5:45 -- Group walk to Debate Festival Lawn

KFTC members will walk from the Speakers' Park to the Festival Lawn (see the walking route on our map below) after KFTC members wrap up their speeches. This is not an organized parade, as we don't have a permit, but we will walk along sidewalks together, wearing our KFTC shirts and being seen as a group.

6:00 - 8:30 -- Debate Festival Festivities -- Festival Lawn

Together, we'll watch local musicians perform as a warm up to the debate.

KFTC member Ben Sollee will take the stage at 7:00 p.m.

KFTC members are encouraged to speak to reporters about our issues during this time, and socialize with each other, and learn our stories from across the state.

If you show up to the evening festivities independently, here's the info you need to know from the Centre College Debate website: "The entrance to the grounds is located near the corner of West Main Street and Maple Avenue in Danville, KY on the campus of Centre College. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis in and around downtown Danville on the street or in public parking lots. Please obey all normal parking laws (do not block driveways, park in front of fire hydrants, etc)."

See below for information about parking (including disabled parking) and shuttles to the festival lawn.

Please see below a list of regulations related to the activities at the Festival Lawn. Please note: No signs other than candidate campaign signs, 24 X 36 inches or smaller are allowed.

You can find a full day schedule of Festival Lawn activities here:

8:30 -- Group Debate Watching -- Festival Lawn

At 8:30, the debate will start to be shown on large screens on the Festival Lawn. Folks are welcome to stay and watch the debate together. After the debate, local members will try to talk with reporters about their reactions to the debate, lifting up KFTC's vision and issues.




Shuttle and Disabled Parking Information:

Parking with shuttles from 9am - midnight from:

First Christian Church
555 East Lexington Avenue


First Baptist Church
1580 North Danville Bypass.

Handicap Accessible parking with shuttle service to and from the Festival will be provided behind the Horky House (accessible on Maple Avenue off of Perryville St. by Tolliver School). This reserved lot is first come, first served and available for vehicles with visible handicap plate or hangtag only.

More information from the Centre College Debate Festival website:

Festival Lawn Rules & Regulations

Please remember that Centre College and the Festival Lawn are private property. All visitors who wish to remain on campus during the Festival must abide by the following rules:

• No disorderly conduct.


• All persons and personal property are subject to search.

• Be respectful and courteous at all times.

• Chairs in bags must be removed from bags.

• No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances.

• No smoking allowed on Festival lawn.

• No glass of any kind.

• No coolers allowed.

• Group expressive activity is to only take place in Speakers Park (off Russell Street).

• No PA systems or noisemakers.

• No stakes, posts, or poles.

• No signs other than candidate campaign signs, 24 X 36 inches or smaller.

• No tents or large umbrellas.

• No grilling or cooking equipment.

• No pets other than service dogs.


About the Speakers Park

Speakers Park is a secure, enclosed area equipped with a public address system and stage. For the safety of all participants in Speakers Park, all bags and packages are subject to inspection. The following items are not permitted: Weapons (concealed or otherwise), Fireworks, Alcohol, Coolers, Grilling or cooking equipment, Glass bottles, Smoking, Animals (service dogs permitted).

Viewing the Debate on the Festival Lawn

A large screen for viewing the Debate will be provided in the Festival Lawn area, and concessions will available for purchase.

Directions to Speakers Park

Speaker’s Park is located on Centre’s Practice Football Field on the North side of Russell Street between Beatty Avenue and College Street. The Park will open at noon on October 11.

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