Fairness, new energy, membership and fundraising keep Shelby members busy

On new energy, fairness, and fundraising and membership, KFTC Shelby County members are taking actions to move the chapter's goals forward.

  • New Energy: Carlen Pippen is working closely with the Public Service Commission on pushing Shelby Energy toward transparency. He also met with local Rep. Brad Montell regarding Shelby Energy's proxy voting policy, which Rep. Montell – a member of Shelby Energy himself – deplored as undemocratic and promised to help work to overturn.
  • I Love Mountains Day: Shelby members lobbied legislators on February 14, and participated in the march and rally.I Love Mountains Day 2013
  • Fairness: Shelby members met with legislators on February 20, including conversations with local reps Senator Paul Hornback and Rep. Montell, and participated in the Capitol fairness rally. Members accepted the advice of Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign to continue petitioning local officials to approve a Fairness Ordinance.
  • Membership: Shelby members will have a table at the Chamber of Commerce Showcase in Shelbyville on March 16. This annual event draws 2,500 visitors, and members will distribute KFTC brochures and newsletters, and solicit new members as well as signatures for our Bill of Rights petition to Shelby Energy.
  • Fundraising: Our first Trivia Night is March 22. Teams of 8, $10 per person. Two teams have signed up already, but there is room for several more. Free pizza, beverages and dessert, plus door prizes. Email Ann Ellerkamp at ladybug56@insightbb.com to register your team.  

The next Shelby KFTC chapter meeting is Thursday, March 21 at 6 p.m. at the Stratton Center, 215 Washington St., Shelbyville. Everyone is welcome.

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