56th District Special Election coming up June 25th

IMG_0574Representative Carl Rollins (D) stepped down from his legislative seat a few weeks ago, which covers Woodford County, parts of Franklin County, and a small piece of western Fayette County.   There will be a special election to fill the vacancy. 

The election is set for Tuesday, June 25th and polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The deadline to register to vote for this election for people who live in the district but are not yet registered is May 28th. 

On the ballot are:

Lyen Crews (R)
James Kay II  (D) 
John-Mark Hack (I)

There are 192 KFTC members in the district plus an additional 180 contacts who have signed petitions or otherwise have been connected to our work - which is really a lot given that voter turnout in the special election is likely to be low, there's reason to imagine that the votes might be close, and our members tend to be very reliable voters.

KFTC members are considering how we might be engaged in the race including sending surveys to candidates, publishing a non-partisan voter guide, briefing candidates on KFTC's campaigns, mobilizing voters, registering voters, and more. 

But at the least, we want to encourage our members to learn about the candidates and vote!

With no regular elections scheduled in Kentucky in 2013 this will be one of our few opportunities to get involved in electoral work this year.

If you're from the district or nearby and want to get involved, please contact Beth Howard at Beth@kftc.org or Dave Newton at Dave@kftc.org

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