Members recruiting members

Over the last six years, we’ve more than tripled our membership from 2,200 to about 7,000 members. Our next goal is to hit 8,000. Members Recruiting Members is a key strategy for reaching this goal.

People join KFTC for lots of reasons:
  • Some meet us online and join through our website.
  • Some join because they’re directly impacted by one of our issues.
  • Some join because they want to learn the leadership skills people gain here.
  • Some want to influence their political leaders.
  • Some attend a great KFTC event and join there.
  • Some just want to lend their support to the good work they see happening here.

But the number one reason people join KFTC – by far – is because someone they know asks them to join.

It’s easy, and it can have a huge impact. Sit down and think of one or two people you can invite to join. Ask your friends, co-workers, family members, neighbors, or anyone else you think would support KFTC’s vision. Others have asked their barber, chiropractor, car dealer, teacher, student, and the farmer at the farmer's market.

There are thousands of potential new members in our communities. And the most effective way to recruit them is with your direct ask.

If you're willing to help us by recruiting two new members, please fill out the form below: