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Ask Gov. Beshear to help protect Ky. from the Bluegrass Pipeline

We are Kentuckians, and we are working hard to protect our land, water, air and health.

Tell the Senate to protect our water!

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 Several members of the U.S. Senate – including Kentucky senators McConnell and Paul – are pushing amendments that would keep the Environmental Protection Agency from doing its job, while also doing serious damage to the Clean Water Act.

They are pushing three amendments to the Water Resources Development Act of 2013 (S. 601), legislation directed at restoring ecosystems and reducing erosion. Those amendments are:

Renew Big Sandy

Are you a customer of Kentucky Power / American Electric Power? 

Let's Do More – Together


Dana Beasley Brown"When my voice joins your voice, and my vote joins your vote, we can build a new economic and democratic New Power that will create the Kentucky we want and deserve for our families and our communities. That is what KFTC membership has done for my voice, and each new member makes our voices stronger."

– Dana Beasley Brown

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Appalachia's Bright Future

Eastern Kentucky's economy is changing fast, but our future is unwritten.

We believe we have the opportunity to move forward together, to build a new economy here in the mountains – a diverse, homegrown economy good for all people.

We can generate new jobs, new businesses, and new opportunities for the workers, families and young people of eastern Kentucky.

Protect our civil rights laws

A bill that allows any individual to “act or refuse to act on religious grounds” has passed the House and Senate and was vetoed by Gov. Steve Beshear. House Bill 279 is written so broadly that it could be used to subvert existing civil rights laws in Kentucky that protect individuals from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Take action to protect Kentucky's waterways

On February 26, a bill passed through Kentucky’s House that could have lasting negative impacts on Kentucky’s water and land. HB 165 would deregulate some quarrying and extraction of rock from waterways. It creates a loophole that allows people to mine rock and non-coal minerals from waterways without regulation, as long as they own the property and use the material for “on-farm purposes.” Under current law, any such activity is subject to state regulation to protect public safety, property and the environment.

Support Votings Rights – HB 70!

HB 70, our bill to restore voting rights to former felons who have served their debt to society, is assigned to the Senate State and Local Government Committee. The chair of this committee in previous years has prevented the bill from being heard, but there is a new chair, Senator Joe Bowen. But so far he as not called the bill for a hearing and vote. He is much more likely to hold a hearing on the bill _with the approval of Senate leaders – if they hear from you.

Don't allow more toxic selenium in our water!

Why is the new standard flawed?

Dangerous levels of selenium are showing up in more and more of our streams below coal mining operations. Even at low levels, selenium causes deformities and death in fish, and since it bio-accumulates in tissue it will work its way up the food chain.


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